Department of Structural Biology and Genomics

Team leader : Bruno KIEFFER

Contact :
Tel. +33 (0) 3 90 24 47 22

Research interests :

The Biomolecular NMR group studies the solution structure and dynamics of proteins involved in transcription. NMR spectroscopy provides a unique tool to define the three-dimensional structure of proteins, investigate their flexibility and probe their interactions with molecular partners such us small ligands or other proteins.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Team Members :

Permanent scientists :
Marc-André DELSUC
Isabelle LEBARS

Post-doctoral fellows:
KOEHLER Christian

Graduate Students:
GAO Xiaojun
Matthieu TANTY

Claude LING

Main publications :

Atkinson R.A. and Kieffer B. (2004) The use of nuclear relaxation to probe molecular interactions, Progress in NMR spectroscopy, 44, 141-187.

Stote R.H., Kellenberger E., Muller H., Bombarda E., Roques B.P., Kieffer B. and Mely Y. (2004) Structure of the His44 --> Ala single point mutant of the distal finger motif of HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein: a combined NMR, molecular dynamics simulation, and fluorescence study Biochemistry, 43(24), 7687-7697.

Gervais V., Lamour V., Jawhari A., Frindel F., Wasielewski E., Dubaele S., Egly J.M., Thierry J.C., Kieffer B., Poterszman A. (2004), TFIIH contains a PH domain involved in DNA nucleotide excision repair Nat Struct Mol Biol. 11(7) 616-622.

Kellenberger E., Dominguez C., Fribourg S., Wasielewski E., Moras D., Poterszman A., Boelens R., Kieffer B., (2005) Solution structure of the C-terminal domain of TFIIH p44 subunit reveals a novel type of C4C4 RING domain involved in protein-protein interactions, J. Biol. Chem., 280(21), 20785-20792

Nominé Y., Masson M., Charbonnier S., Zanier K., Ristriani T., Deryckère F., Weiss E., Orfanoudakis G., Kieffer B., Travé G. (2006) Structural and functional analysis of papillomavirus E6 oncoprotein: New insights in the molecular pathways of HPV-mediated pathogenesis. Molecular Cell. 21(5), p665-678.

Vitorino M., Coin F., Zlobinskaya O., Atkinson A.R., Moras D., Egly J.-M., Poterszman A., Kieffer B. (2007) Solution structure and self-association properties of the p8 TFIIH subunit responsible for trichothiodystrophy, accepted J. Mol. Biol.